Panther Properties owner & CEO Mark J. Paliotta is the third generation of craftsmen providing superior construction & residential property management in the region.


Woodland Park Homes is proud to work with agent David Rumberger, whose focus is to set & live up to the highest professional standards for the clients he serves.




“Mark and his team were so helpful & very professional! They helped me put the final touches on my kitchen renovation with beautiful new countertops & new dishwasher installation. The work was done super-fast & everything looks amazing! I would recommend them to anyone who needs some help with renovations or remodeling.”


“Just got back from Pittsburgh to see the lovely urban oasis Mark & his team created for my daughter on the North Side. It is going to be such a delightful place to relax & entertain. Mark’s expert carpenter Joe designed & executed a great fence with a door that is both decorative & useful. In renovating the house itself, great workmanship is everywhere.”


“Gary, Jason, Joe and Mark: Two words. YOU ROCK! This deck looks beautiful. I am amazed at how efficient & precise everything is. From the lack of Rose of Sharon, to the French drain, to the stairs, to the ramp, and to the deck, and the driveway and the wall... you did a crazy-terrific job! You all have been very prompt, professional & hard-working. That means a lot to me. Thanks a million!”


“Panther Properties of PA are everything you want in a home improvement company! Professional, affordable, on time, dependable, trustworthy, honest & presentable. On top of all this they do excellent work. Top-notch! I give them the highest review possible! We will only use Panther, so lucky that they’re now servicing residential homes. Thanks for improving our basement!”